Lost in translation

We must have been the only tourists ever to go to Japan to stay in the hotel that Bill and Scarlett stayed in in that one movie. You see the weirdest things on TV. The hilarious part is that not one single non-Dutch person (them being the socalled target audience for this post) would know that I am referring to footage of our holiday that a million Dutch people saw on tv. Anyway. While you’re waiting for the next blog (which, incidentally, is going to be very long (the blog, not the wait)), I thought I would share a few updates about the book.

First of all, English readers, rejoice! The book did well enough to warrant the effort of a translation!

Second, despite all the work that went into creating the companion page for the book, where you will find a.o. the Spotify playlists, exactly two people visited the page thus far.

Third, did you know this blog got its title from a poem by Menko? Try translating poetry, or try finding an English title for the book. Impossible! Luckily we specialize in the impossible. Here is the translated poem:

Even if you know there’s less time ahead of you.
Even if this is all that remains, all you can confront, without fear.
Even if you have the courage to live on, to kiss and be kissed. Every single day.
Even if that’s what life has in store for you,
Then so be it.
Even with ALS.

Which also brings us to the English title: Even with ALS. Thank you, Marjan.

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  1. Walevska
    Walevska says:

    Sooooo… I’ve hit Google Translate more than thrice trying to understand the name of your blog, but came up blank. Who knew that it was so simple? (The simplest things are the most complicated sometimes.) So, thanks for this – it is a beautiful poem.
    I follow you even if I have to endure Google Translate, which has, incidentally, gotten notably better over the years. However, I completely missed the companion page to your book, didn’t know it existed. Headed over there right now.
    It’s great news to learn that the book is being translated and I’m eagerly looking forward to it.
    Garmt, you’ve inspired me to try to be a little better every day. Have a good one!

  2. Ingrid
    Ingrid says:

    Dag Garmt,
    Ik heb bewondering voor je.
    Vooral voor je eerlijkheid.
    Dat lukt mij niet altijd.
    Hou vol, of niet. Dat bepaal je zelf.
    Warme groet van Ingrid die veel van je kan leren.

  3. Paul
    Paul says:

    Dag Garmt,
    Nu nog op Bonaire. Heb je eerste boek gelezen in een voor mij record tempo, want ik ben nooit een grote lezer eigenlijk.
    Mooi hoe je je inzet en vecht wetend dat je niet een persoonlijke winnaar bent
    Het heeft er alles mee te maken dat je het leven maar een keer leven kunt en dat je behalve je vrouw en dochter hebt weten te verbinden met de vrienden die er ECHT toe doen in voor en tegenspoed
    Benieuwd naar je tweede boek!
    Ondertussen veel sterkte op jouw weg…,
    Warme groet Paul

  4. Debora
    Debora says:

    Hello Garmt, very happy about the book coming out in English. I am going to be able to share it with my english speaking friends. “Even with ALS”… what a good title on many levels. I read your book and cried and laughed. I appreciate the honesty, simplicity and humour with which you share your deep experiencing. Thanks for the “companion page” and for giving me inspiration….Warm regards, Debora

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