Happy Holidays!

Hello, everyone,

I once learned an expression tres chique. It’s “and all that jazz”, and basically means, you know the rest, it is not that the rest is no good, au contraire, but let’s not bother each other by spelling it out, shall we? 
So, merry christmas, and all that jazz.
As a little present for christmas, I have created a new section on my blog. It is to be found here: B-sides, or you can click on the link in the menubar.
It is a bit much, and not even done yet, and I assume only the most hardcore of readers will get to mu and the subsequent enlightenment that you can now achieve with my amazing, straightforward, breakthrough methodology, priced for friends at the mere value of your soul, and by now even I don’t know where I am going with this. Completely sober, I swear. Anyway. Happy christmas reading. And all that jazz.
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  1. Anita van Arem
    Anita van Arem says:

    Dag Garmt, ik wil je gewoon even laten weten dat ik je blog weer gelezen heb ook delen van de B kant. Mooie beslissing om een stap te doen op je boeddhistisch pad. Dichter bij de dood maakt de intensiteit van beleving van leven anders. Ik vind het fijn om je blog te lezen.

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