From: Garmt@Accenture
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 12:02 AM
To: Gert@Accenture
Subject: Objectives

Bij deze mijn performance objectives voor het komende fiscale jaar. Eigenlijk moeten ze in het systeem maar nu toch maar even zo:

  • As a People Developer, I will try to inspire people by being myself. I will look for ways to share what my present situation teaches me and I will keep sensitivity for the development opportunities of others.
  • As a Value Creator, I will leave a legacy. I will do so by creating memories with people I value – colleagues, friends, family. I achieve this by sharing as many meaningful and wonderful moments with them that I can.
  • As a Business Operator, I will improve the machine that is solving ALS today. I will leverage all my professional skills, my network, my “credits” and all that Accenture is willing to spare to build a sustainable and meaningful contribution in this battle for a cause and cure.
  • As my personal development objective, I will change with the changing circumstances, letting go of old habits when I need to, adapting to new situations as they come, all of this to keep my priorities not just in mind but in practice as well. These priorities are: 1. Ex aequo, Iris and my personal health & well-being. 2. Connections with other people, in order: friends, family, colleagues. 3. Kicking ALS in the balls. 4. Contributing to Accenture where I can and want.

Groet, tot hoors,